We theoretically demonstrate a novel, efficient and cost effective thermal emitter using a Mie-resonance metamaterial for thermophotovoltaic (TPV) applications. We propose for the first time the design of a thermal emitter which is based on nanoparticle-embedded thin film. The emitter consists of a thin film of SiO2 on the top of tungsten layer deposited on a substrate. The thin film is embedded with tungsten nanoparticles which alter the refractive index of the film. This gives rise to desired emissive properties in the wavelength range of 0.4 μm to 2 μm suitable for GaSb and InGaAs based photovoltaics. Effective dielectric properties are calculated using Maxwell-Garnett-Mie theory. Our calculations indicate this would significantly improve the efficiency of TPV cells. We introduce a new parameter to gauge the efficacy of thermal emitters and use it to compare different designs.

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