“T-history method” is widely used for characterization of thermal properties of Phase Change Material (PCM). In this study improvements are proposed to the experimental protocol used in the conventional T-History method. Experimental validation of numerical predictions for various samples of PCM were performed using the proposed measurement technique. This enabled the evaluation of the improvements in the proposed approach as well as for analyzing the experimental results. This involved measurement of temperature at the surface and in the center of the PCM samples (as well as that of the reference sample materials). The proposed modifications enable enhanced accuracy for estimation of the material properties (when compared to the conventional approaches). The estimates from the proposed approach were observed to be within 10% of the measured values obtained using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). The proposed approach is amenable to testing large sample sizes, is simpler to implement, provides more rapid data collection and is more cost-effective than that obtained using standard DSC protocols.

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