In this work, the heating process for apple, eggplant, zucchini and potato by means of evaluation of their thermal properties and the Biot number determined in experimental form is presented. The heating process is carried out using a solar cooker box-type as heating device. The thermal experimental properties determined are conductivity (k), density (D), specific heat (C), diffusivity (Dif) and the Biot number (Bi) for each product evaluated. In the experimentation, temperatures for center and surface in each product and water were measured in controlled conditions. For those measures, a device Compact Fieldpoint and thermocouples placed in the points studied were used. By using correlations with temperature as function, k, D and C were calculated, while by using equations in transitory state for the products modeled as sphere and cylinder was possible to estimate the Biot number after calculation of the heat transfer coefficient for each case. Results indicate the higher value for k, C and Dif correspond to zucchini (0.65 W/m °C, 4084.5 J/kg °C, 1.5 × 10−7 m2), while higher value for D correspond to potato (1197.5 kg/m3). The lowest values for k and C were obtained for potato (0.59 W/m °C, 3658.3 J/kg °C) while lowest values for D and Dif, correspond to zucchini (998.2 kg/m3) and potato (1.45 × 10−7 m2/s) respectively. The maximum and minimum values for Bi corresponded to potato (21.4) and zucchini (0.41) in respective way. The results obtained are very useful in applications for solar energy devices, where estimates for properties are very important to generate new results, for example, numerical simulations. Also, results could be used to evaluate the cooking power in solar cookers when the study object is oriented in that direction.

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