The aim of this work is to study the performance of a novel ceiling mounted coaxial personalized ventilator that can be used as an add on to the conventional ceiling diffuser in providing the thermal comfort and air quality needs to occupants in office building. A detailed 3D CFD model is coupled to a bioheat model to improve prediction of the microenvironment conditions around the human and the associated local and overall thermal comfort. Extensive simulations were performed to assess the effect of nozzle supply temperature and flow rate on the performance of the cooling system and on occupant comfort. The localized air conditioning system reduced the energy consumption by up to 34% when compared with conventional mixing systems providing the same level of thermal comfort. The proposed system also achieved high air quality in the occupant breathing zone with 45% ventilation effectiveness at fresh airflow rate of 10 L/s/person and attained 2°C between the occupant’s comfortable microenvironment and the rest of the space. In addition, the canopy of the angled diffuser was effective in reducing the migration of particles from the macroclimate to the microclimate region and low intake fractions of 1.90×10−4 were achieved.

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