This work is aimed at the experimental verification of a recently proposed single domain formulation of conjugated conduction-convection heat transfer problems, which are often of relevance in thermal micro-systems analysis. The single domain formulation simultaneously models the heat transfer phenomena at both the fluid streams and the channels walls by making use of coefficients represented as space variable functions with abrupt transitions occurring at the fluid-wall interfaces. The Generalized Integral Transform Technique (GITT) is then employed in the hybrid numerical-analytical solution of the resulting convection-diffusion problem with variable coefficients. The considered experimental investigation involves the determination of the temperature distribution over a heat spreader made of a nanocomposite plate with a longitudinally molded single micro-channel that exchanges heat with the plate by flowing hot water at an adjustable mass flow rate. The infrared thermography technique is employed to analyze the response of the heat spreader surface, aiming at the analysis of micro-systems that provide a thermal response from either their normal operation or due to a promoted stimulus for characterization purposes.

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