This research represents an experimental investigation on the operating limitation of an oscillating heat pipe (OHP). The OHP has six turns and three sections: evaporator, condenser and adiabatic sections with lengths of 40 mm, 64 mm and 51 mm, respectively. Water or a mixture of water and alumina (Al2O3) making up a nanofluid served as the working fluid. Filling ratios ranging from 30% to 70%, and tilt angles (orientation) ranging from 0° to 90° were studied. The experimental results showed (1) the water/Al2O3 nanofluid can enhance the OHP heat transfer performance, i.e., the highest input power (operating limitation) increased when the OHP was charged with water/Al2O3 nanofluid; (2) the operating limitation increased as the filling ratio increased from 30% to 70%, but the optimum filling ratio of the OHP is 30% or 50% when the working power is lower or higher; and (3) the thermal resistance of the OHP decreased as the tilt angle increased, and the operating limitation increased as the tilt angle increased.

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