This study is focused to the heat transfer analysis in air cooled rooms, which is important to achieve pleasant indoor comfort conditions, fundamentally in terms of air velocity, temperature and air quality. Three dimensional numerical results of a rectangular ventilated room with three different inlet configurations are presented. The study was carried out considering a turbulent flow and the radiative exchange between the walls. The assumed heat flux on a vertical wall was 300 W/m2 (Rayleigh number of 1.07×1012). The inlet velocity was 0.5 m/s (Reynolds number of 3145) and the emissivity of the walls was fixed as 0.8. The mathematical model was solved numerically with Computational Fluid Dynamics software. The temperature fields, flow patterns, heat transfer coefficients and temperature distribution effectiveness are presented and discussed. It was found that the heat transfer due the radiative effect is around 50% for the three studied cases.

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