Jet/spray cooling is a way of efficiently removing heat from a hot surface like in the back plate for high power electronic devices. In the present work, a close loop liquid jet/spray setup with a novel effluent/spent liquid removal system is established for large area cooling. A 4×4 nozzle array is used to generate the spray/jet targeting the heat source area of 4 (2×2) cm2. Flourinert FC-72™ is used as coolant liquid. The thermal performance data for multi-jet/spray cooling in a closed and confined system are obtained at various liquid temperatures and flow rates. The experimental work illustrates the multi-jet cooling system can reach critical heat fluxes up to 101 W/cm2. The results showed that the heat flux is increased with liquid sub-cooled temperature and flow rates in single phase as well as in phase change zone. It is further observed that the critical heat flux (CHF) increases with liquid sub-cooled temperature and flow rates.

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