A series of fire tests was conducted involving a 2.44-m-(8-ft)-diameter, 4.57-m-(15-ft)-long, 2.54-cm-(1-inch)-wall thickness pipe calorimeter suspended 1-m above a 7.93-m-diameter pool that contained 7.57 m3 (2000 gallons) of jet fuel. The wind conditions, calorimeter temperature, participating media temperature and speed, and radiant heat flux, were measured at several locations as functions of time in three fire tests. The first two had relatively light winds and lasted roughly 40 minutes, while the third had much stronger winds and consumed the fuel in 25 minutes. The purpose of this paper is to describe the experimental facilities and certain fire characteristics. The large amount of data acquired cannot be fully presented in this paper. A website is available by contacting the first author so that the full data set may be used to quantitatively benchmark large-fire simulations and models.

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