An Advanced Vapor Compression Loop (AVCL) for high temperature lift for heat rejection to hot lunar surface during lunar daytime was developed. The loop consists of an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, and an electronic expansion valve. Different types of evaporators were evaluated in this study: a circular tube evaporator, a circular tube evaporator with a twisted tape, a circular tube evaporator with a wick, and a circular tube evaporator with a wick and a twisted tape. The evaporators were tested with two different compressors. The first was a 0.5hp oil-less compressor and the second was a 5.3hp compressor that used oil as lubricant. A heat exchanger (recuperator) was used to subcool the high pressure liquid and to superheat the low pressure vapor. Tests were performed with and without the recuperator. Vapor superheat during the tests was controlled with an electronic expansion valve controller. The working fluid was R134a. The results show that the heat source-to-working fluid thermal resistance of the circular tube evaporator with the wick and the twisted tape was one-third of that of the circular tube evaporator. The recuperator was able to decrease the vapor quality at the evaporator inlet and increase the vapor superheat at the compressor inlet. The evaporators without wicks were able to operate at a heat flux of 5.7W/cm2 with the recuperator and vapor superheat set at 5°C. Evaporators with wicks reached dryout at lower heat fluxes when maintaining superheat at 5°C. However, the wicked evaporators reached a heat flux of 7.6W/cm2 when decreasing superheat below 5°C. A temperature lift of 70°C was achieved with the 5.3hp compressor.

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