Forced convection film boiling heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder in water and Freon-113 flowing upward perpendicular to the cylinder under subcooled conditions was measured for the flow velocities from 0 to 1 m/s at the system pressures ranging from 100 to 500 kPa: the platinum horizontal cylinders with diameters ranging from 0.7 to 5 mm were used as the test heaters. The film boiling heat transfer coefficients were obtained for the surface superheats from about 800 K for water and from about 400 K for Freon-113 down to minimum film boiling surface superheats. These heat transfer coefficients increase with the increase in flow velocity, liquid subcooling, system pressure, and with the decrease in cylinder diameter. A correlation for subcooled forced convection film boiling heat transfer was presented, which can describe the experimental data obtained within ±20% for the flow velocities below 0.7 m/s, and within −30% to +20% for the higher flow velocities. The correlation also predicted well the data by Shigechi (1983), Motte and Bromley (1957), and Sankaran and Witte (1990) obtained for the larger diameter cylinders and higher flow velocities in various liquids at the pressures of near atmospheric. The Shigechi’s data were in the range from about −20% to +15%, the data of Motte and Bromley were about ±30%, and the data of Sankaran and Witte were within +20% of the curves given by the corresponding predicted values.

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