A numerical study is carried out for natural convective flow and heat transfer in a two-dimensional enclosure with centrally located sinusoidal thin partition for a range of Rayleigh numbers, partition heights and aspect ratios. The partition is oriented parallel to the two vertical isothermal walls and the other surfaces are insulated. The flow and temperature distributions are taken to be two-dimensional. Transport equations are modeled by a stream function-vorticity formulation and are solved numerically by finite-difference approach. Comparisons with previously published numerical and experimental works are done and found to be in excellent agreement. The Rayleigh number varies from 103 to 106 and aspect ratio from 0.5 to 5. The results are presented for different fluids in the form of streamlines, vectors and isotherm plots. The variation of local Nusselt number over the sinusoidal partition and isothermal wall provide valuable insight into the physical processes.

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