The laser flash method is a standard method for thermal diffusivity measurement. This paper reports the development of a method and theory that extends the standard laser flash method to measure thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity simultaneously. By attaching a transparent reference layer with known thermal properties on the back of a sample, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the sample can be extracted from the temperature response of the interface between the sample and the reference layer to a heating pulse on the front surface. The theory can be applied for sample and reference layer with different thermal properties and thickness, and the original analysis of the laser flash method becomes a limiting case of the current theory with an infinitely small thickness of the reference layer. The uncertainty analysis was performed and results indicated that the laser flash method can be used to extract the thermal conductivity and diffusivity of the sample. The results can be applied to, for instance, opaque liquid in a quartz dish with silicon infrared detector measuring the temperature of liquid-quartz interface through the quartz.

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