In this work, the development of a mathematical heat transfer model for a walking-beam type reheating furnace is described and preliminary model predictions are presented. The model can predict the heat flux distribution within the furnace and the temperature distribution in the slab throughout the reheating furnace process by considering the heat exchange between the slab and its surroundings, including the radiant heat transfer among the slabs, the skids, the hot combustion gases and the furnace wall as well as the gas convection heat transfer in the furnace. In addition, present model is designed to be able to predict the formation and growth of the scale layer on the slab in order to investigate its effect on the slab heating. A comparison is made between the predictions of the present model and the data from an in situ measurement in the furnace, and a reasonable agreement is found. The results of the present simulation show that the effect of the scale layer on the slab heating is considerable.

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