In this paper, a 2-D cross section of a single cell of a direct internal reforming planar SOFC is taken and a heat transfer model is developed. For this purpose, the cell is divided into five control volumes: anode interconnect, fuel channel, positive/electrolyte/negative (PEN) structure, air channel and cathode interconnect. Mass and energy balances are solved in these control volumes (2-D in solid structures, 1-D in gas channels). Ohmic, activation and concentration polarizations, convection effects in rectangular ducts and surface-to-surface radiation effects are also taken into account. For the numerical solution, fully implicit finite difference scheme is chosen. The input parameters of the model are inlet temperature and gas composition of air and fuel channel, pressure of the cell, cell voltage, mass flow rate at the fuel channel inlet, excess air coefficient and cell geometry. The model also gives temperature and current density distributions within the cell as output.

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