A numerical model of a direct fired generator is presented. The objective is to provide a baseline for designing the prototype of a gas fired generator, aimed to drive a GAX absorption cooling system. The model was carried out using Fortran 90. The gas fired generator will be part of the hybrid 10.5 kW GAX cooling system, which is being designed to operate with solar energy and direct fired by LPG combustion. The prototype is designed in two sections. In the first section, the “U” form combustion chamber is flooded with ammonia-water solution, the heat radiation from the flame and the hot combustion gases are absorbed by the tube walls and transferred to the solution. In the second section (the convection zone), the combustion gases are used to increase the concentration of the ammonia refrigerant. Thermal design results in the radiation, boiling and convection zones are presented and discussed, while the manufacturing strategies are being analyzed to produce a compact and efficient prototype.

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