A three dimensional study of heat transfer from an array of heated blocks is presented. Heated blocks represent electronic modules mounted on horizontal circuit board in a rectangular channel. Numerically obtained average heat transfer coefficients for the top surface of the heated blocks are compared with experimentally obtained values, and it is found that there is a good agreement between the two at lower Reynolds numbers, 7600 to 22000. Further, the horizontal module board affixed with heated modules is swiveled upwards longitudinally in the vertical plane about the front end of the plate for the same Reynolds numbers. The influence of angle of orientation of the heated bottom plate on the heat transfer enhancement from the heated modules is studied, and it is observed that there is a remarkable improvement in heat transfer even for low angle of swivel. It is observed that heat transfer enhancement is accompanied with a penalty in terms of increase in pressure drop; and for low angle of swivel, the pressure drop increase is noted to be moderate.

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