In the current work, critical heat fluxes (CHFs) and related boiling phenomena due to transient heat inputs, Q0exp(t/τ), to horizontal finite heaters were investigated in a pool of FC-72. Investigations were made on 1.0 mm diameter horizontal cylinders and a horizontal vertically oriented ribbon (4.0 mm × 0.1 mm × 31.5 mm) under a wide range of pressures ranged from 79.5 kPa up to 1278.1 kPa and liquid subcoolings ranged from saturated up to 140 K. The CHFs obtained from each heater with their dependency on pressure and liquid subcooling, and the typical ones against exponential period, τ, were observed and compared. The transition boiling processes to film boiling including mechanisms of incipient boiling and CHF, and vapor and bubble behaviors were also derived.

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