Thermal characteristics of CopperII and Zinc-Oxide nanofluids have been investigated for flow over a heated flat plate. Fluid containing different volume-percents nanoparticles flow over a heated flat plate at specified laminar flow velocities. The heated plate experienced a constant heat flux from cartridge heaters spaced evenly along the length of the plate. The flow channel’s cross-sectional area was a square of dimensions 5cm × 5cm. Investigation of the heat transfer occurring in a plane along the centerline of the plate in the direction of the flow was performed. The heat transfer coefficients were calculated and plotted verses the Reynolds number and compared with the results obtained from distilled de-ionized water. Nanoparticle size from the fluids was investigated to inspect for possible agglomeration using both a transmission electron microscope (TEM) and a dynamic light scattering system (DLS).

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