The performance of the SSG Reynolds Stress Model for the prediction of film cooling at the leading edge of a symmetrical turbine blade model is investigated. The test case blade model is symmetric and has one injection row of discrete cylindrical holes on each side near the leading edge. In the present computation several blowing ratios of 45° lateral injection are tested and compared with previous streamwise computations. Further, film cooling effectiveness contours on the blade surface and lateral averaged adiabatic film cooling effectiveness are presented and compared with available measurements. In addition to validation data, several longitudinal and transversal contours and vector planes are reproduced and clearly found to underscore the anisotropic turbulent field occurring in the present shower head film cooling configuration. The advantage of lateral versus streamwise injection is highlighted by the destruction of the two contra rotating vortices which are responsible of cooling effectiveness decrease. In case of lateral injection only one vortex is found and the flow structure is radically different from that known by streamwise jet in cross flow.

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