A description of transient natural convection in air in a vertical parallel plates channel, with one plate heated and the other one cooled at uniform heat flux, is numerically accomplished. The transient problem is two-dimensional and laminar with constant thermophysical properties. The numerical solution is carried out employing the commercial CFD code Fluent. The computational domain is made up of the physical configuration and two reservoirs, placed downstream and upstream the channel. Results are obtained for Rayleigh number between 103 and 106 and they are presented in terms of wall temperature profiles as a function of time, velocity and temperature profiles along transversal channel sections. The simulation allows to describe the fluid motion structures inside and outside the channel. A complete skew-symmetric motion is detected. For Ra≥105 temperature profiles as a function of time show periodical oscillations. For Ra≥104 overshoots are observed along the profiles and for corresponding average Nusselt number profiles dips are present.

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