Coal is an important source of energy because of its potential for power generation and its abundance in the earth. A great deal of research is dedicated to developing cleaner and more efficient methods of generating power from coal. A major problem associated with almost all power generation processes involving coal is the formation of ash. Some of the ash that is formed is deposited on the tubes and walls of the combustion chambers. This accumulation of ash can significantly affect the thermal transport in the boiler. Modeling of the heat transfer occurring in a coal combustion process requires knowledge of the properties of these deposits. Accurate measurements of these properties will lead to better modeling capabilities and improved optimization of the design of coal fired reactors. Therefore, a method for accurate, in situ measurement of the emittance and thermal conductivity is highly desirable. This paper describes the development of a method for determining the total emittance and thermal conductivity of the deposited ash layers and analyzes the sensitivity of these properties to measurement errors.

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