Thermocapillary convection in a shallow annular pool (depth d = 1 mm) of silicone oil (0.65 cSt, Pr = 6.7), heated from the inner wall, is investigated by numerical simulations. Under a fixed value of temperature difference between the outer and inner walls, surface temperature gradient in the inner heated pool is about 10% higher than that in the outer heated pool. Accordingly, the critical temperature difference for the incipience of HTW (ΔTc = 4.58K) is smaller than that (ΔTc = 5.0K) in the outer heated pool. Numerical simulations indicate that two groups of HTW, propagating in opposite azimuthal directions to each other, coexist and produce interference patterns in the inner heated pool. Rotation of the pool around its axis gives no significant influence on the behavior of HTW in the inner heated pool. The characteristics of HTW are discussed in contrast with those in the outer heated pool.

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