The research for this paper was focused on novel design, fabrication, and characterization about a micro capillary pumped loop (Micro-CPL) evaporator chamber. Ribs or nozzle diffuser have been employed in this chamber, those structures prevented back flow and ensured rapid spreading of cooling liquid in the evaporator chamber. Experimental results had demonstrated that a greatest flow velocity of 206.9 mm/s could be obtained at a situation for rib width was 5 μm and aspect ratio was 15. Spreading time was increased gradually as increase at the depth of the rib. On the other hand, nozzle-diffuser structure yields smoother and faster liquid spreading in the chamber than that of rib structures. The minimum rib width with 2 μm by DRIE could carry out a back pressure of 55 kPa, hence, it was large enough for micro CPL application.

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