Micro-scale fluid dynamics has received intensive interest due to the emergence of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. Non-circular cross sections are common channel shapes that can be produced through a variety of micro-fabrication techniques. Non-circular microchannels have extensive practical applications in MEMS. Slip flow in noncircular microchannels has been examined by the authors and a review of several new models obtained by the authors is presented. These models are general and robust, and can be used by the research community for practical engineering design of microchannel flow systems. The reviewed models address: (i) fully developed slip flow in non-circular microchannels, (ii) hydrodynamically developing slip flow in non-circular microchannels, (iii) compressibility effects, and (iv) roughness effects. A model is proposed to predict the friction factor and Reynolds product fRe for fully developed and developing slip flow in most non-circular micro-channels. Compressibility effects on slip flow in non-circular microchannels have been examined and simple models are proposed to predict the pressure distribution and mass flow rate for slip flow in most non-circular microchannels. Finally, the effect of corrugated surface roughness on fully developed laminar flow in microtubes is examined. Simple analytical models are developed to predict friction factor and pressure drop in corrugated rough microtubes for continuum flow and slip flow.

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