Vertically oriented carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays have been simultaneously synthesized at relatively low growth temperatures (i.e., < 700°C) on both sides of aluminum foil via plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The resulting CNT arrays were highly dense, and the average CNT diameter in the arrays was approximately 10 nm, much smaller than in previous work. Also, the CNT arrays were smaller in height than the arrays in previous work. At moderate pressures, the aluminum foil/CNT material achieves resistances as low as 10 mm2·K/W for relatively smooth and flat interfaces, similar to previous work. However, the aluminum foil/CNT material performs relatively poor for less ideal, rougher interfaces presumably due to the small height and very close packing of CNTs that decreases the materials ability to fill interfacial voids and conform to the geometry of the mating surfaces. It is also possible that the aluminum foil was slightly stiffened during CNT growth (through hydrogen embrittlement), which could further reduce the conformability of the aluminum foil/CNT material.

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