One of the engineered safety systems in the advanced boiling water reactor is a passive containment cooling system (PCCS) which is composed of a number of vertical heat exchanger. A set of steam condensation experiments is conducted to evaluate the heat removal capacity of a PCCS condenser. A condensing tube is submerged in a water pool where condensation heat is transferred by secondary boiling heat transfer. The specific design of condensing tube is based on scaling analysis from the PCCS design of ESBWR. The two condensing tubes have same height (0.9m) but different inside diameters, 26.6mm and 52.5mm, respectively. Condensation heat transfer coefficients (HTC) are obtained under various test conditions, such as different primary pressure (150 – 450 kPa), inlet steam flow rate (1 – 5 g/s), air mass fraction (0 – 20%) and tube size (26.6 mm and 52.5 mm ID). The effects of these parameters to condensation performance are evaluated.

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