Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) conduction pumping is associated with the heterocharge layers of finite thickness in the vicinity of the electrodes, generated by the process of dissociation of the neutral electrolytic species and recombination of the generated ions. This paper numerically investigates the EHD conduction pumping of a thin liquid film in the presence of phase change. The flow system comprises a liquid film flowing over a two-dimensional flat plate while the vapor phase extended far beyond the interface to result in almost motionless vapor. The channel is separated into four different sections: the entrance, electrode, evaporation, and downstream sections. The entrance, electrode and downstream regions are adiabatic while a constant heat flux is applied in the evaporation side. The concept of EHD conduction pumping of liquid film in the presence of phase change is demonstrated in this paper. The enhanced heat transfer due to conduction pumping is evaluated.

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