This research experimentally studied flame-spread behavior of fuel-droplet arrays with uneven inter-droplet distance at high temperature in microgravity. In experiments, first, n-decane droplets were generated in room-temperature air. Next, the droplet array was inserted into the combustion chamber with 600 K air. The droplet array was ignited at one end by a hot wire igniter after a certain waiting time to initiate the flame spread. Local inter-droplet distances were varied to investigate the effect of droplet interaction on local flame-spread-limit distance. Waiting time for ignition was varied to investigate the prevaporization effect on flame spread. Experimental results showed that as the inter-droplet spacing became smaller, local flame-spread-limit distance to the next droplet became larger. The local flame-spread-limit distance at high temperature was larger than that at room temperature. Flame-spread rate from the interactive droplets to the next droplet was greater with longer waiting time for ignition.

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