Thermal characteristics of an EO (Ethylene Oxide) reactor are analyzed to investigate its structural integrity against thermal loads. A two-dimensional axisymmetric simulation model of the whole reactor structure is developed. A porous media model for the long tube bundle packed with catalyst and a flow resistance model for the thin impingement baffle is proposed to simplify the reactor. Simultaneous simulation of fluid and solid zone for a part with many holes is applied to analyze heat transfer of tubesheet which is connected with the tube bundle and the outer shell. The EOC (End of Catalyst Cycle) condition is used for the normal operation condition because general temperature of the EOC condition is the highest during operation cycle. Transient heat transfer analysis is also conducted to simulate the abnormal ignition in the reactor. Two kinds of ignitions are investigated and thermal diffusion in the reactor during the expected shutting down time is simulated as well. Three-dimensional local heat transfer analysis based on the two-dimensional whole analysis is conducted for the local stress evaluation of the product nozzle elbow and the impingement baffle. Results of the heat transfer analysis have been utilized as a thermal boundary condition for the further structural analysis.

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