Magnetron sputtering systems have been widely used in the field of thin film technologies, such as making ultra-thin semiconductors, metal films, etc. The feature of magnetron sputtering system is used high voltage and electric current as the power of system. The energy is converted to heat which must be removed by the appropriate cooling system. Otherwise, it may damage the target, the magnets, and the substrate as well. Also, the current trend of magnetron sputtering is towards that with larger size of target, which can improve the efficiency. Consequently, heat transfer of magnetron sputtering system becomes complex and needs to develop more efficient cooling system. The main parameters affecting the cooling performance are the flow path of cooling water and flow rate. In this study, we investigated the characteristics of cooling effect with various flow paths of cooling water and flow rates. Using a commercial code, FLUENT, which uses FVM (Finite Volume Method) and SIMPLE algorithm, the governing equations have been solved for the pressure, mass flow rate, and temperature distributions in the magnetron sputtering system.

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