Two-dimensional laminar natural convection in an inclined square enclosure with uniform internal heat generation is studied here. The steady-state solutions are obtained for inclination angles of 45°, 30° and 15° and at Rayleigh number of 1.5 × 105. For these cases, the two counter-rotating rolls of fluid are present in the cavity. Streamlines, isotherms and heat transfer for these results are compared with the existing experimental results and are found to be in reasonably good agreement. It is found that the location of maximum non-dimensional temperature in the inclined cavity is higher than that for pure conduction case. The maximum non-dimensional temperature in the cavity decreases as the Rayleigh number increases. For Ra > 5 × 104, the maximum non-dimensional temperature in inclined cavity is almost independent of the inclination angle. It is also observed that the local Nusselt number at the top wall is greater than the pure conduction solution, whereas that for bottom wall it is lower than the Nusselt number for pure conduction. The effect of Rayleigh number and inclination angle on the local Nusselt number and modified local Nusselt number are also studied. For horizontal cavity, at Rayleigh number greater than or equal to 5 × 104, periodic solutions are obtained. In this case, two unstable secondary rolls are present near the center of top wall, in addition to the primary rolls. The secondary rolls are dissipated and recreated during one period of oscillation.

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