The present study aims at investigating the effect of oscillating flow on thermal stratification in a gas oven. To date, the fan convectors are common to reduce thermal stratification inside various types of oven. The impetus of the present study is to investigate the feasibility of flow oscillation to achieve more uniform distribution of air temperature within an oven. To produce the flow oscillation, an acoustic woofer is vertically installed on the back of a gas oven. The operating frequency of the acoustic woofer is varied from 30 to 60 Hz. Three-dimensional measurements of air temperature inside the oven are implemented to evaluate temperature uniformity. The experimental results show that the oscillating flow with a specific frequency enhances air mixing dramatically, which results in the attenuation of thermal stratification inside the oven. The actual baking of sponge cake also shows that the convector using the flow oscillation can provide better results compared to the conventional fan convectors.

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