Film cooling performance for a row of cylindrical holes can be. The effect of the slot exit area and shape is investigated. Detailed heat transfer coefficient and film effectiveness measurements are obtained simultaneously using a single test transient IR thermography technique. The study is performed at a single mainstream Reynolds number based on free-stream velocity and film hole diameter of 7150 at three different coolant-to-mainstream blowing ratios of 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5. Two designs with a crescent shaped exit and a slot exit are considered. The results show that the crescent shaped exits provide significantly higher film cooling effectiveness than the cylindrical hole exit at all blowing ratios. The converging slot exit provides similar effectiveness as the crescent for higher blowing ratios. However, the crescent shape also enhances heat transfer coefficients significantly. Overall effectiveness for both crescent and converging slot exits are clearly superior to the standard cylindrical hole.

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