In this paper we describe a procedure for the multi-objective shape optimization of periodic wavy channels, representative of the repeating module of an ample variety of heat exchangers. The two objectives considered are the maximization of heat transfer rate and minimization of friction factor. Since there is no a single optimum to be found, we use a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm and the so-called Pareto’s dominance concept. The optimization of the periodic channel is obtained, by means of an unstructured Finite Element solver, for a fluid of Prandtl number Pr = 0.7, assuming fully developed velocity and temperature fields, and steady laminar conditions. For the two-dimensional case, the geometry is parameterized either by means of linear-piecewise profiles, or NURBS, and their control points represent the design variables. The three-dimensional channels are obtained by simple extrusion of the two-dimensional geometries. The results obtained are very encouraging, and the procedure described can be applied, in principle, to even more complex problems.

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