In this study a method to predict CHF (Critical Heat Flux) in vertical round tubes with cosine heat flux distribution was examined. For this purpose a uniform correlation, based on local condition hypothesis, was developed from 9,366 CHF data points of uniform heat flux heaters. The CHF data points used were collected from 13 different sources had the following parameter ranges: 1.01 ≤ P (pressure) ≤ 206.79 bar, 9.92 ≤ G (mass flux) ≤ 18,619.39 kg/m2s, 0.00102 ≤ D (diameter) ≤ 0.04468 m, 0.0254 ≤ L (length) ≤ 4.966 m, 0.11 ≤ qc (CHF) ≤ 21.42 MW/m2, and −0.87 ≤ X (exit qualities) ≤ 1.58. The result of this work showed that the uniform CHF correlation could be used to predict CHF accurately in a non-uniform heat flux heater for wide flow conditions. Furthermore, the location, where CHF occurs in non-uniform heat flux distribution, can also be determined accurately with the local variables: the system pressure (P), tube diameter (D), mass flux of water (G), and true mass flux of vapor (GXt). The new correlation predicted CHF with cosine heat flux, 297 data points from 5 different published sources, within the root mean square error of 12.42% and average error of 1.06% using the heat balance method.

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