This paper reports the geometrical optimization of an effervescent atomizer used in the combustion of used recycled oils. The objective was to obtain stable flames while minimizing the emission levels. A test facility was designed and constructed, which included: a furnace rated at a thermal input of 300 kW and a swirl generator as a part of the burner setup for the application of the effervescent atomizer. Other auxiliary facilities were also included, such as: cooling system, air supplies and pre-heating gas burner. Combustion tests were carried out with used recycled oil having a viscosity of 46 mm2/s (50°C) and a higher heating value of 44.6 MJ/kg. Results included qualitative observations of the ignition and flame stabilization, emission concentrations and LDA velocity measurements of the flow field produced by the swirl generator with and without flame. The results show a good performance of the swirl generator in the process of fuel/air mixing inside the furnace, which results in very low emission levels. The various tests carried out with different geometric configurations of the burning facility clearly suggest that the high velocity and penetration of the spray require an adequate design of the swirl generator and the nozzle orifice, in order to obtain a good air/fuel mixture inside the furnace.

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