For the purpose of decomposing the processing gases CF4 from semiconductor manufacturers, ceramic honeycomb regenerative burner system is suggested by using the principle of HTAC. A simulated high temperature air combustion furnace has been used to determine the features of HTAC flames and the results of the decomposition of CF4. The preheat air temperature of it is above 900 °C. The exhaust gas released into the atmosphere is lower than 150 °C. Moreover, the efficiency of recovery of waste heat is higher than 70%, the NOx level in exhaust gas is less than 300 mg/m3 and the distribution of temperature in the furnace is nearly uniform. The factors influencing heat transfer, temperature profile in chamber and NOx emission were discussed. Also some CF4 can be decomposed in this system. Experimental results indicated that the destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of CF4 increases with the increasing of concentration of H2O in some scale, and will not keep climbing when the concentration reach a point. DRE of CF4 decreases with the decreasing of concentration of CF4 under condition of other factors unchanged.

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