Experiments have been carried out to investigate the convective heat transfer characteristics from triangular folded fin heat sinks in a suction-type fan duct. The dimension of the triangular folded fin heat sinks is 62 mm in height with a 12 mm thick base plate, 292 mm in width, and 447 mm in length. The inlet flow velocity is varied in the range of 0.6–5.3 m/s. Thermal performance of triangular folded fin heat sinks is evaluated in terms of thermal resistance of heat sinks according to flow velocity and fan power. The results obtained show that the present triangular folded-fin heat sink shows a higher thermal performance compared to a conventional extruded plate-fin heat sink. Especially, a perforated slit folded-fin heat sink displays a lower thermal resistance. As the number of slit fabricated on the perforated folded fins increases, thermal performance is more pronounced.

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