Heat transfer in an asymmetrically heated, inclined channel by natural convection and radiation exchange was experimentally investigated. Experiments were conducted on channels with small inclination angle (to horizontal) ranging from 18° to 30° and a wall surface emissivity of 0.29 to 0.95. The channel length/space ratio was between 44 and 220. In each test, a uniform heat flux was applied along the top wall of the channel, while the bottom wall was thermally insulated. Temperature profiles along both the top and bottom walls of the channel were recorded under different heat flux and channel length/space ratios. The dependency of maximum wall temperature and heat transfer on the channel spacing and surface emissivity was explored. As a result of this work, correlations of local and average Nusselt number, with modified channel Rayleigh number, were determined and proposed for channels at inclination angle of around 18° and surface emissivities of around 0.95. The proposed correlation will be valid for modified-Rayleigh number in the range of 10 < Ra” < 5.6 × 104 at asymmetric heat flux boundary conditions.

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