Surface tension determination of liquid-vapor interfaces of polyatomic fluids using traditional methods has shown to be difficult due to the requirement of evaluating complex intermolecular potentials. However, analytical techniques have recently been developed that determine surface tension solely by means of the characteristics of the interfacial region between the bulk liquid and vapor regions. A post-simulation application of the excess free energy density integration (EFEDI) method was used for analysis of the resultant density profile of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of argon using a simple Lennard-Jones potential and diatomic nitrogen using a two-center Lennard-Jones potential. MD simulations were also run for an approximation of nitrogen using the simple Lennard-Jones potential. In each MD simulation, a liquid film was initialized between vapor regions and NVE-type simulations were run to equilibrium. The simulation domain was divided into bins across the interfacial region for fluid density collection, and the resultant interfacial region density profile was used for surface tension evaluation. Application of the EFEDI method to these MD simulation results exhibited good approximations to surface tension as a function of temperature for both a simple and complex potential.

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