The pressure loss in the K-10-8G combustor has been quantified by constructing an equivalent pipe flow circuit where, the obstructions and branching are analogous to the flow pattern in the combustor. The adoption of skin friction coefficients and Hardy-Cross method cannot be employed due to the combustor’s short length (550 mm). For the evaluation of pressure loss, three flow systems have been constructed. In the first two systems, the fluid volume flowing through the core divides equally at the corresponding branching points, mixes with the flow from the outer annulus and combines back again. The third system is similar to the first except that the volumes combining after mixing are equal. The initial flow distributions in the core, outer and inner annuli were obtained from flow visualization. These systems can be used for corroborating the pressure loss produced, around 4.12%, which is in good agreement to that found from flow visualization (4.14%). The equivalent system was found to be similar to the combustor.

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