Experiments on the horizontal and the vertical upward gas-liquid two-phase flows were done to clarify the flow phenomena in a flat capillary rectangular channel. The flow patterns, the passing frequency and the velocity of liquid lumps, the holdup and the frictional pressure drop in two-phase flow were investigated. The dimension of the channel used was 9.9 mm × 1.1 mm. The orientations of the channel were with the wide side vertical and the wide side horizontal. The differences between the flow phenomena in such orientations were investigated. The effects of the orientation of the duct, the aspect ratio of the cross section of the channel, superficial gas velocity and superficial liquid velocity on those two-phase flow parameters were examined. The obtained data of the holdup and the frictional pressure drop could not be correlated well with those correlations which have been proposed so far. New correlations of holdup and frictional pressure drop for a flat capillary channel are proposed. The predictions by those correlations have sufficient accuracy for both the vertical and the horizontal flows.

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