Most of the pumps for sewage transport have a special impeller geometry in order to avoid operational disturbances by clogging. The almost exclusively used single stage machines particularly are equipped with single-blade impellers. With this impeller geometry a strongly uneven pressure field along the perimeter of the pump casing can be expected. The resulting periodically unsteady flow forces affect the impeller and produce strong radial deflections of the pump shaft. In this contribution the experimental investigation of the dynamic behavior of the pump rotor as a consequence of the transient hydrodynamic forces is described. To verify the calculated rotor oscillations measurements were performed at several rotating speeds and at different volume flow rates. The pump which before has been investigated numerical was equipped with several sensors. The deflections of the pump rotor were measured with two proximity sensors. The measurement of the vibration accelerations at the pump casing showed the effects of the transient hydrodynamic stimulation forces. Measurements of the static pressure in the casing allowed a correlation between the rotor oscillations and the pressure fluctuations produced by the single-blade impeller.

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