A three-dimensional finite element-boundary integral formulation is presented for the analysis of the electric and magnetic field distribution, power absorption and the temperature distribution in electrically conduction and dielectric materials. For large-scale electromagnetic-thermal materials processing system analyses, the hybrid finite/boundary method represents an optimal approach. To further improve the efficiency, the present formulation also incorporates various efficient solvers designed specifically for the solution of large sparse systems of linear algebraic equations. The resulting algorithm with a compressed storage scheme is considered effective and efficient to meet the demand of 3-D large scale electromagnetic/thermal simulations required for processing industries. Examples of 3-D electromagnetic and thermal analysis are presented for induction and microwave heating systems. Numerical performance of the computer code is assessed for these systems. Computed results are presented for the electric field distribution, power absorption and temperature distribution in a food load thermally treated in an industrial pilot scale microwave oven designed for food sterilization.

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