This paper focuses on the geometry/solver interface for the CFD Software Code_Saturne ® which has been developed by EDF R&D since 1997 to replace its FE and BFC solvers. The solver includes various RANS models, as well as LES features and is parallelized through a domain splitting technique. It is based on a cell centered unstructured finite volume scheme, and accepts cells of any shape. This opened the possibility of using non conforming meshes, making it easier to build meshes with well-controlled quality and refinement even for complex geometries. Adjacent boundary faces of non-conforming input meshes may be automatically split into their intersecting subsets so as to build a conforming mesh of polyhedra with an arbitrary number of faces per cell. This also extends to the handling of periodic boundary conditions as a geometrical condition. We will explain how this is handled and illustrate the algorithm’s behavior on different complex grid examples.

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