In the present study, simulation with the second-order dynamic model for sub-grid stress is used to solve the governing equations of dense solid-liquid two-phase (DSLTP) flow numerically, and continuity is conserved by a mass-weighted method to solve the filtered governing equations. In the current second-order dynamic model with double dynamic coefficients, the sub-grid-scale stress is a function of both the strain-rate tensor and the rotation-rate tensor. This model considers the symmetry of the sub-grid-scale stresses, dimensional consistency with the Cauchy-Helmholtz theorem, the Smagorinsky model and the invariants of the strain-rate tensor and the rotation-rate tensor in large eddy simulation (LES). In the numerical calculation, the SIMPLEC algorithm and a staggered grid system were applied for the solution of the discretized particle-liquid turbulent flow equations, and Body-fitted Coordinates were used to simulate the flow over the complex geometry field. In this paper, the second-order dynamic model for turbulent dense solid-liquid two-phase flows was applied to a centrifugal pump impeller.

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