Numerical predictions of a hydrodynamic and thermally developed turbulent flow are presented for a stationary duct with square ribs aligned normal to the main flow direction. The rib height to channel hydraulic diameter (e/Dh) is 0.1, the rib pitch to rib height (P/e) is 10 and the calculations have been carried out for a bulk Reynolds number of 20,000. Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) has been used to compute the flowfield and the heat transfer. DES calculations are carried out on a 963 grid, a 643 grid and a 483 grid to study the effect of grid resolution. Based on the agreement with earlier LES computations and experimental data the 643 grid is observed to be suitable for the DES computation. DES and RANS calculations carried out on the 643 grid are compared to LES calculations on 963/1283 grids and experimental measurements. The flow and heat transfer characteristics for the DES cases compare well with the LES results and the experiments. The average friction and the augmentation ratios are consistent with experimental results, predicting values within 15% of the measured quantities, at a cost lower than the LES calculations. RANS fails to capture some key features of the flow.

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