Four different turbulence models were employed to predict the flow over a wall-mounted Glauert-Goldschmied body. The models evaluated include: 1) two-layer k–ε, 2) shear stress transport, 3) low-Reynolds number k–ω, 4) Spalart-Allmaras, and 5) v2f. Calculations were performed for both an uncontrolled case, and a controlled-flow case which used steady suction through a slot located at the 65% chord station. The flow conditions include a freestream Mach number of approximately 0.1, and a chord Reynolds number of just under 1 million. For each model, the numerical results over predicted the experimentally determined re-attachment length. An examination of streamwise velocity profiles at several stations downstream of the trailing edge revealed considerable variation in the predictions of the five turbulence models.

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