This paper aims at investigating the effect of various boundary velocity distributions on the flow field in Stokes flow of incompressible fluids flow with axisymmetry. It was reported in literature that if the velocity variation at a plane boundary is suitably prescribed, the whole field of Stokes flow in a half-plane can be identified immediately by the artifice of Laplace transform. Similarly, it can be shown that if the boundary velocity distribution is represented for an axisymmetrical half-space, the whole field of Stokes flow can be described by the use of Hankel transform. With suitable given boundary velocity variations, the exact solution can be obtained through the integration of the resulting inverse transform. In this paper several realistic, continuous and discontinuous boundary velocity variations are analyzed following an intuitive derivative of the exact solution in cylindrical coordinates. The variations of the velocities and the pressure in the fluid are obtained for several examples of particular velocity variations at the plane boundary.

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